Delicious B. Doughnuts

Last week, I had the pleasure of trying out a new spot in Virginia called The Stand. The Stand is an expansive, colorful outdoor setting for everyone to enjoy the best new food trends the area has to offer. It’s super cute, super affordable, and super delicious! The Stand will not only serve a rotating menu of exciting foods from the hottest vendors around, but will also be a hub for social activities and community engagement.FullSizeRender.jpgFullSizeRender-7.jpg

For their grand opening, I was able to try B. Doughnuts. Oh my- It was a party in my mouth! All of the warm delicious flavors were amazing. Surprisingly, the doughnuts were not as sweet, which is what I love. All the flavors I tried were delicious! – Vanilla bean, Chocolate creme, Lemon curd, Triple berry creme, Glazed, and Everything bagel doughnut with chives. FullSizeRender-1.jpgFullSizeRender-3.jpg

The ingredients are fresh and free from preservatives. Their yeast-raised dough which takes over 12 hours to make is made from scratch.  Their jam is made of real fruits, whips made from premium heavy cream, custards made from real eggs.FullSizeRender-9.jpgFullSizeRender-4.jpg

Established in 2015. With their love of street food and sweets, founders Brian and Pin Chanthapanya wanted to bring Malasadas (Portuguese doughnut) to the East Coast, developing a recipe based off the Hawaiian style Malasada, they wanted to take a hawaiian staple and add their culinary influence growing up on the East Coast as Asian Pacific Americans. Instead of filling their doughnuts with custards and jellies, they decided to use pastry and chantilly cremes, as well as cream cheese based fillings mainly used in pastries In European bakeries.  They pioneered the Everything Bagel doughnut (some will contest this, they chuckle), their take on the New York Everything Bagel while running their Baltimore location which eventually relocated to Virginia.  The dough, glazes, and fillings were first developed in their garage when they were first doing local deliveries around Northern Virginia and today they operate a family-friendly shop in Downtown Historic Leesburg.

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– Mitz