Salad Power

Now that it’s officially summer, SaladPower is the perfect drink to cool me down! Not only is it delicious, SaladPower is such a healthy alternative to other competitor’s drinks.FullSizeRender-25.jpg

SaladPower is the healthier juice. Traditional juices in local grocery stores are loaded with calories, sugar and funky sounding added ingredients. Then the rise of the new, trendy juice craze – these juices claimed to be healthier than the traditional guys. However, these new “healthy” juices still played the same old tricks. They would show you a “green juice” and say its super healthy for you because of all the greens in it. However, most green juices are loaded with sugary fruit juice like apple or orange juice and only have a few drops of kale to make them turn green. They’re low in vitamins and high in sugar & calories.

SaladPower puts their superfood veggie blend first, their juices are packed with nutrients and much lower in sugar and calories than the competitors. All of their produce is handpicked, sustainably sourced and 100% Non-GMO certified.


SaladPower does not fail to deliver amazing flavor in all of their drinks. Best of all- everything in their juice is FRESH. Delicious drinks don’t have to be bad for you- Go get your SaladPower at the links below!

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See you next Wednesday!

– Mitz