Farmers First Coffee; Rosa’s Coffee

Did you know that most coffee famers earn less than $2,000 per year?

Farmers First Coffee do things differently by paying 4 times more than “fair” trade each year. They put farmers first. By waking up each morning with a cup of Farmers First Coffee, you’re giving hard-working coffee farmers from Honduras and Peru the opportunity to lift themselves up economically.IMG_4785.jpg

Rosa Lloclla, grew this coffee. From San Ignacio, Peru, she’s the epitome of perseverance. A fighter. She and her son, Nolberto, are determined to improve their farm. Rosa’s coffee details below:

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, almond, brown sugar, caramel, grape and roses.
Community: Bajo Ihuamaca
Region: Cajamarca
Country: Peru
Process: Washed
Elevation: 5,085 feet (1,550 meters)

The coffee trade isn’t fair to small-scale farmers. Farmers First Coffee solves that problem by providing a 50% bonus directly to the people creating your coffee, an amount 4 times higher than “fair trade.”