Kosterina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I can never go cooking a meal without using Kosterina Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It’s perfect for  sautéing veggies and making sure my omelettes don’t stick to the pan!

Kosterina make our oils to be two things: super healthy and incredibly delicious. They use only the freshest olives from some of the best fields in Greece, so you know you’re getting pure, 100% organic extra virgin olive oil that’s chock-full of heart-, brain- and beauty-boosting nutrients. FullSizeRender-1.jpg

Kosterina Olive Oils are made in small batches from a single blend of early-harvested Greek olives. Grown in Crete, Greece — the perfect climate for olive trees — our olives produce an oil that has a smooth, fruity flavor. Kosterina oil is cold pressed from early harvest olives, which means the olives are collected when green and raw. The higher chlorophyll content in unripe olives makes the oil richer in healthy polyphenols – the antioxidants that have been proven to have anti-inflammatory and heart and brain-aiding effects. In order to be deemed extra virgin, oil needs to have polyphenol content of 55 mg/kg. Kosterina EVOO has 381 mg/kg. Unfortunately, many oils that you’ll find in your local supermarkets are marketed as extra virgin but are in fact, just blends of premium oil with lower quality oil. With Kosterina, we guarantee you are getting nothing but 100% early harvest, organic, extra virgin olive oil.

Get yours at the link below!