Caramel Layered Brownies

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a fantastic week. This past weekend, I hosted a party and since every party needs dessert, it was so hard for me to decide which one to bake. Everyone loves the classic fudgy, chocolatey, gooey brownies. So why not add some caramel in between? This recipe on Caramel Layered Brownies are too good. It was so hard to just place one brownie on a plate because I surely wanted to eat more than one! They take no time at all to make and no time at all to eat! Let’s get started!


  • 1 box of brownie mix
  • 2 eggs
  • Oil
  • Water
  • 1 can of sweet condensed milk
  • 1 bag of caramel baking chips


  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.
  2. Follow the directions on the brownie mix box. In a large bowl, combine brownie mix, 1/3 cup water, and 2/3 cups oil. Mix until smooth and then whisk in 2 eggs.
  3. In a small enough baking tray, add about 1/4 of the brownie batter.
  4. Place in oven at 375 degrees F for 12 minutes. Once the brownies have baked for 12 minutes, leave the oven on, but set aside the brownies to cool.
  5. While the brownies are baking, in a small pot over medium heat, add 1 can of sweet condensed milk and the bag of caramel baking chips.IMG_9933.JPG
  6. Continuously stir until all of the caramel baking chips are melted and the mixture turns into caramel. This will take about 10 minutes.IMG_9934.JPG
  7. Once the caramel mixture is done, pour the entire mixture over the brownies and spread evenly.IMG_9935.JPG
  8. Let cool for 5 minutes.
  9. Then, add the remaining brownie mixture over the caramel layer.IMG_9936.JPG
  10. Place the brownies back in the oven at 375 degrees F for about 35 minutes. Do not over bake.
  11. Once the brownies are done baking, set aside to cool and then cut into squares.
  12. Plate and serve!IMG_9944.JPGIMG_9945.JPGIMG_9942.JPG

Suggestions, Substitutions, Tips & Tricks:

  • I used a brownie mix box to save time as I was making other dishes for a party. You can make these brownies from scratch with flour, sugar, baking soda, vanilla extract, eggs, water, oil, and coco powder. I will make brownies from scratch in the future and share the recipe!
  • Feel free to add chocolate chips to the brownie batter to make it even more chocolatey!

This recipe really makes your stomach happy. Very comforting. It doesn’t even have to be for a party. These Caramel Layered Brownies are a perfect weekend treat and would be paired deliciously with a glass of milk!

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See you next Wednesday!

– Mitz