Wamery Ceramic Knife Set

Thank you Wamery, LLC for providing the most perfect Ceramic Knife Set!

Wamery, LLC manufactures kitchen products to encourage people to cook homemade meals & achieve a healthier lifestyle.

The Ceramic Knife Set has a Stylish Design. Enjoy meats, fruits and vegetable on its original flavor. Non Porous, Non Sticky, No Odor Absorbing, Anti-bacterial, No Chemical leakage, No Rust. FDA certificate & BPA-free for a clear cut.

The knifes blades are made by Zirconium, only diamonds are harder, 2 times sharper than steel and stays sharp 15 times longer. Covered with perfect-fit silicon handle. Extremely soft and effective even with wet hands. The best technology available at your service. This is the knife of the XXI century.IMG_0316

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See you next Wednesday!

– Mitz