Kadode Kampot Pepper

Happy Sunday everyone! When cooking, it’s important to use the freshest and most pure ingredients in your dish. You can truly taste the difference! I’m all about supporting small and new businesses. Using Kadode Kampot Pepper in my recipes really brings out additional flavor I never knew existed. Kadode Kampot Peppercorns are grown completely organically and once cultivated, they are meticulous dried, cleaned, and hand sorted in Kampot, Cambodia.  Kampot farmers use natural fertilizing and ancestral caring techniques. Kadode guarantees of total traceability of each pack, all the way to the farmer who produced each peppercorn. Kadode Kampot Pepper offers three types of fragrant and delicious peppers: Kadode Kampot Pepper Black, Kadode Kampot Pepper White, and Kadode Kampot Pepper Red. Kadode Kampot Peppercorn grinded by the Kadode Peppercorn Grinder should be a main ingredient throughout your recipes! Check out Kadode Kampot Pepper on Instagram: kampot_pepper_north_america and on their website:


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