unnamedHi everyone! Welcome to my blog!

I am so excited to finally share my love for anything related to cooking. This includes baking to finding awesome kitchen tricks and tips to even just making a sandwich! This blog is not meant to be a professional and perfectionist cooking blog. I truly believe the kitchen is your narnia. Ever since I can remember, I have always helped my mom cook our ethnic dishes, which slowly converted me to a lover for cooking…and eating. Come college, I was into the baking scene as everyone was invited to everyone’s birthdays. Post college onto currently slowly getting my doctorate degree, I became fascinated with making real meals as I needed to survive on real food. From pasta to decadent brownies to intricate dishes, my go to cooking guru was, I mean still is, Laura Vitale. She has such a fun and energetic passion for cooking and cooks by the same motto as me: you DO NOT have to follow the recipe! Make it YOUR own! Although I believe everyone should know how to cook something, I know not everyone enjoys it. I want this blog to help those who think they can’t cook and are timid of the kitchen . You can make anything you want, however you want. This is your chance to explore what you can do and can’t do, what you can like and don’t like. Practice does make perfect. Not every recipe I post will have a perfect outcome. I’ve made several of my dishes plenty of times in order to perfect them. My goal throughout my blog will be to share my take on a recipe, including tips and tricks I think come in handy, inspiring you to go ahead and try it to make it your own while having fun!

I really enjoy cooking and find it therapeutic. I hope everyone following can feel the same.

New recipe every Wednesday! Hope you enjoy!


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